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Are We Right For Your Family?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, please contact us.

1. Do you wish you could enjoy family time more?

2. Are you easily angered by your child’s behavior?

3. Do you feel you’re missing a deeper understanding or connection to your children?

4. Do you have trouble setting limits for your children, or do your children struggle with accepting the limits you set?

5. Does your child insist on being in control?

6. Is your child rigid or inflexible?

7. Does your child have multiple tantrums a day?

8. Does your child have trouble making friends or maintaining friendships?

9. Does your child seem sad or worried more than seems reasonable?


Association for Play Therapy

The Theraplay Institute

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy

National Child Traumatic Stress Network

Chicago Area Families For Adoption

National Association of Social Workers

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